Thursday, January 31, 2013

Windows 8 last day of discount.

In case you didn't know, Microsoft has been selling Windows 8 for 40 dollars for the last couple months. Today is the last day that you can get it at that price. Tomorrow the price will go up to 200 dollars. So if you want to get Windows 8 I would suggest going to and buying it before the day is over.

Monday, January 28, 2013

UT-ACM Next Meeting

University of Toledo ACM, (Association of Computing Machinery) is having a student meeting on January 31st 2013

UT ACM Student Branch Meetings are held every other Thursday at 6:00 PM in the EECS Conference Room unless otherwise specified. These meetings are open to all UT Students, Faculty, and Staff interested in the fields of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, and Software Engineering. Minutes and announcements are published online at You can contact us at

Friday, January 25, 2013

Thinking Programming

If you can't tell I've been thinking about getting back into the blogging scene. I used to have fun doing it and I met a lot of interesting people. I'll probably just post some group announcements and stuff like that but I think it would be fun to post here again. Who knows I may even update the design. Catch you later, lunch is getting cold. :)

Thinking NWNUG...

I wonder what has been happening at the Northwest Ohio .NET User group lately?

I haven't been there in years. I wonder what they have been up to? Looks like they had a speaker back on the 15th.

If you are into Microsoft development and want to meet other people who are into it as well. Check them out. Here

Code Mash 2013

Looks like I missed CodeMash this year. Oh well maybe I will make it out one of these years. In case anyone reads this and went. Was it worth it? Did you have fun? Did you learn anything? Were there enough different sessions for everyone?

Talug Meeting

The Toledo Linux User Group is having a meeting on Saturday February 2nd 2013.

Get details here!

No announcement as to what they are meeting about but if you are interested in Linux then check it out.