Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Local Meetings

Talug is celebrating Software Freedom Day on September 16th 2006
Additionally they are advertising for the Ohio Linux Fest event on September 30th.

IEEE is holding several events:
The Toledo Section is pleased to host a presentation by Dr. JOHN M. FRAZIER of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research on September 21 at Mancy's Italian Restaurant. Dr. Frazier will present research on Modeling and Simulation of Biological Constructs. Click on this link for details and reservations.

Arc Flash Hazard Seminar, Wednesday, October 25, Presentation Room at SSOE, Inc., 1001 Madison Ave. We plan to certify 1 PDH (CEU) for registered PEs attending. Click on this link for details and reservations.
NWNUG posted about a meeting in Findlay on the Sept. 13th about the "Five (Supposedly) Scary things about .NET"

I know this is out of my jurisdiction but I thought I'd post about it. The Detroit SQL User Group is having a meeting on Sept. 14th 2006.

Late addition:

Also MOCHI is having a presentation on the Sept 20th 2006 @ 6:30-8:30 PM titled: "Evolving Technique in Digital Art". Kind of interesting that they didn't post the event on their web site but posted it on the semafx.net web site.

Looks like the semafx.net guys are having a guest speaker Alex Lindsay of the Pixel Corp on Sept. 19th 2006 starting at 6:30 PM. I have heard some great things about the Pixel Corp, if you have an interest in computer graphics, design, animation, etc... I would suggest attending. Alex Lindsay is the Chief Architect for Pixel Corps so I'm thinking he's pretty important and has a lot of interesting things to say. . .


Keith Instone said...

Thanks for tracking down the MOCHI event. The event is indeed not posted on their OLD site but I do see it on the MOCHI Google calendar.

Mark Chandler said...

That one was a tough find.

I like that Public Google Calendar. I was thinking about posting some sort of calendar because blogging it isn't as effective for people knowing when an event is happening . I think I may have to use it. :)