Thursday, January 29, 2009

Toledo firm writes Iphone App

Local Web Development Firm Magnate Interactive, the same company that brought us  recently published an Iphone game named MASH (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House) a game where you enter some information people, universities, etc...  and it randomly generates your future for you. 

This is the first company in the area that I know of that is producing Iphone apps and has gotten them published. This first game is very simple and I'm sure it was more of an experiment. The writter said that they are coming out with an update for the game and is awaiting approval. I am anxiously awaiting mor e news from this company and the creation of more apps. You can follow the creator on twitter at

You can get MASH for $0.99 via this Link to Itunes. You will need to own a Ipod Touch or Iphone with the 2.2 firmware to play. 


Matt Braun said...

Thanks for the mention, Mark! The update you referred to, version 1.1, is in the App Store now (as of last night).

Mark Chandler said...

Ah that was the version I downloaded last night.