Thursday, June 29, 2006


I think that I'm really going to go through with this idea. It's kind of scary. I've never been a journalist or even a rogue journalist. I just think that the topic is important and that it should be discussed. I don't think that the sciences get any sort of press in the area of the world so I'm going to create it.

I know there has to be some sort of tech community around here but there isn't anyone to recognize it. As I was looking around last night I ran across several different organizations, ACM, IEEE, TALUG, there was a meetup with web developers, and more.

I have been exposed to the professional organizations while in college but I had little to no contact with the professional chapters even after I graduated. I also ran across a blog or two, like Keith Instone's. I was in contact with Keith a while back. He was trying to help revive the the local chapter of ACM. Which it looks like they got their paperwork completed.

I think that I'm going to have to pay my dues, finally to ACM.

Looks like I missed a presentation on "Active Learning for Speech Recognition".

I'm going to have to do this. Wish me luck. I just hope that I don't get distracted by something shiny.



Keith Instone said...

Hi Mark - nice that you found me (again) in your search for IT in Toledo. As for NWOACM, we did become "real" last year and now it is time to fill out more paperwork to stay real. We had only a few meetings last year, but the big one was

I will stay in touch. And hopefully your blog will help keep the tech flame burning.

Mark Chandler said...

It's good to hear from you again Keith. Let me know when the next meeting is?

I'm hoping that in my own way I'll be able to encourage the tech scene around here. I think that it needs a little recognition.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Go for it. Blogging's easy, though it helps to be barking mad. I set up a link on my Toledo blog, Just A Comment.