Saturday, July 01, 2006


Looks as though the Talug Group is holding an event on the 5th of July.

*Wednesday* July 5, 2006
6:30pm to 9:00pm
Topic(s): Intro to Shell Scripts
UT College of Engineering (maps & directions)
Palmer Hall (old South Engineering), room 3020
Bancroft Campus (park in lot 20)
Westwood Ave at Douglas Road
Toledo, OH 43606


Ken Chandler said...

Mark, thanks for stopping by the family blog. Thanks too for your comments on the kids drawings, I'll show them first thing in the morning. They'll get a kick out of it!

Good luck with your blog too. I've linked to it. So maybe you'll get more exposure.

Ailene Hert said...

Hey Mark! I am Ken's niece (by marriage... so I'm actually Debbie's niece...). I found your blog from Ken's blog. I see that you also are interested in web design... that's neat! Perhaps you could pop by Cordelia's Corner ( and give me a few pointers? It'd be great to get some feedback from someone with real experience! I've done web pages for about 5 or 6 years, but I've never done them for a business until now!

See you around!

Mark Chandler said...

Ailene I took a quick peak at your web site. Very cute. I like your buttons the most. I'll have to take a more serious look at it later.

unknown said...
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Ailene Hert said...

Thanks, Mark!