Tuesday, January 16, 2007

RGP gets Grant for $11.8 Million

Looks like the Regional Growth Partner is doing a pretty good job of getting Grant Money from the State for our region. I'm not sure exactly when this announcement was posted but it must be pretty recent. The money is supposed to go toward high technology Not necessarily Computer technology but that is fine by me I suppose but it would be nice to see some of that go to computer tech.

Part of that $11.8 million award includes $6 million to capitalize a pre-seed fund, investing in 32 to 38 companies, primarily focused in the signature areas of Advanced Materials and Agbiosciences. Advanced materials is focused around the region’s national leadership in thin films materials, but also includes polymers, nanomaterials and other structured materials. Agbioscience supports business in the food production industry, food manufacturing/processing industry and agricultural biofuels

I hope they do some good with that money. I'm still wondering what the results are going to be from the consulting they did with IBM.

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