Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Normally Dell has given me wonderful service. But this time sucked. I bought a new laptop over the x-mas season. I was and still am excited about it. But when I got it the monitor was flaky and later that day went dead. I called and I had to send the darn thing to get repaired. It finally came back today. I start using it. Then I notice that the screen looks weird. I check the settings. It turns out that the resolution is at 1280x800 and won't go any higher. I paid for a screen that can go up to 1440x900. It is looking like they put the wrong LCD screen on my computer and now I get to send it back to get the right one. I won't get to play with my new laptop till it comes back in a week or more. I'm soooo unhappy right now. I just want to play with my new toy.



Ken Chandler said...

I feel your pain, when I got my Power Book G4 (about 2.5 years ago) it was a new line of product, and the screens were prone to having large bright blotches on them (mine had 8). I called and within 2 days I got a box in the mail, sent it off, and within 5 days had it back good as new. I love my PowerBook! Though that week was the longest I'd had to endure. Not having my 'toy' was absolutely painful.

Mark Chandler said...

I'm happily awaiting it's return.