Saturday, April 21, 2007

Walk about my neighborhood.

Today I took a walk around the neighborhood usually I just stick to walking around my house but today I felt like walking along Central and Monroe.

There are a couple of interesting looking buildings along the way. There were two major surprises along the way. First I looked around a very interesting almost abandoned building on the corner of Monroe and Central. I've been fascinated with this building since I moved into the area. It actually has a lot of architecturally interesting features. What surprised me was when I looked into the window of the once "Doctor's Inn" The inside actually looked very nice and respectable.

The Front side of the "The Doctor's Inn"

The Back Door to "The Doctor's Inn"

A Peek inside "The Doctor's Inn"

The font of the Building

I think that this building has suffered from poor accessibility There is no way of turning into the building going East along Central. Additionally there is no way to park in the front which used to be a feature of the building as you will see later. But due to traffic streamlining the front parking has been eliminated. Though as a driver I think it is great that it is so easy to drive around Toledo I think that it is one of it's downfalls as well. People are too busy going where their going they don't have time to look around themselves. I think with a couple of modifications this intersection could be a more desirable place to stick around.

I found this picture of the same spot from the 1930s in the book "Images of America Toledo A history in architecture 1914 to Century's End. By William D Speck which is an interesting read.

Click image above for a larger image

More in the next post...

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